About Continuum

CONTINUUM CULTURE & ARTS, Inc. promotes the creation of innovative, world class music while supporting the people who create it and the culture that surrounds it. Our scope is local and international. Continuum is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Brooklyn, New York.


Different Track Recordings

In March, 2018 Continuum will launch Different Track Recordings, a platform for recordings, video, printed material, emanating from the artists we support through various collaborations including Soup & Sound and our International Exchange Program. More info to come…


Andrew Drury awarded $10K Jubilation Foundation Fellowship

Continuum Director Andrew Drury has been awarded a two year Fellowship of $10,000 by the Jubilation Foundation. The mission of the Jubilation Foundation is to help “individuals and organizations with an exceptional talent for helping young people feel fully alive through rhythm–as expressed in music and dance.”


Red Hook Jazz Festival & Continuum

Continuum is supporting the Brooklyn’s 10th Annual Red Hook Jazz Festival–a FREE outdoor festival at Red Hook’s Urban Meadow. One festival date remains–September 24

To make a donation to the Red Hook Jazz Festival click the link and specify “Red Hook Jazz Festival” in the drop down menu http://continuumculture.org/donate/


International Cultural Exchange Program


Scene from workshop on improvisation, extended techniques, and other musical issues with students at Javeriana University and the University of the Andes. 


Continuum has a deep commitment to international cultural exchange and collaboration. Our 2017/2018 projects include:

–three week residency of concerts, recordings, and collaborations in Buenos Aires, Argentina

–work with Korean daegeum player, Seungmin Cha and cellist Tomeka Reid in August;

–a 10 day residency in Kassel, Germany with musicians (Ursel Schlicht, Stephanie Griffin, Hill Greene, Andrew Drury) from US, Canada, Ireland, and Germany, workshops at the University of Kassel, and collaborations with Kurdish refugees, in July;

–a performance in Luxembourg with musicians from France, Germany, Luxembourg, and the US;

–a two week residency in Bogotá, Colombia in February with the University of the Andes and the Distritofónica musicians collective, and ongoing collaborations with Colombian musicians in the US and Colombia.


DRUM/BRIDGE (Education Program)

In December, 2016 we presented three performances in cooperation with three schools and two community organizations in three Brooklyn neighborhoods. Continuum brought twelve highly acclaimed professional musicians together with 50 Brooklyn teens in front of 400 audience members in Brownsville/East Flatbush, Sunset Park, and Crown Heights, and presented the world premiere of the DRUM/BRIDGE Suite composed by Andrew Drury. Featuring JD Parran, Ku-umba Frank Lacy, Melanie Dyer, Ingrid Laubrock, Jason Kao Hwang, Alexis Marcelo, Brandon Seabrook, Stephanie Richards, Ken Filiano, Brandon Lopez, and Andrew Drury.

 DRUM/BRIDGE received support from the Brooklyn Arts Council, Haitian-Americans United for Progress,   the Center for Family Life “Lifelines” program, Happylucky No. 1, PS 189, PS 821, PS 136, and private donors.

SOUP & SOUND HOUSE CONCERTS (Performance Program)


Howard Johnson (L), Hans Koch (R) at Soup & Sound

December 22, 8pm S&S #99: ML (piano, Toronto), Ken Filiano (bass), Lou Grassi (drums) + Ras Moshe Burnett

Jan 6, 8pm S&S #100: Ami Yamasaki/Thomas Buckner Duo + MiND (Angelika Niescier, Denman Maroney, James Ilgenfritz, Andrew Drury)


*Upcoming International Cultural Exchange in Rimouski, Quebec

*CONTENT PROVIDER’s  second cd, “TRY,” comes out March 1, featuring Briggan Krauss, Ingrid Laubrock, Brandon Seabrook, and Andrew Drury.


Continuum also makes possible… 

Recording sessions—-JD Parran & Harlem Reunion—New York pianist Alexis Marcelo—-Pablo Diaz & Paula Shocron (Argentina) with Daniel Carter, Ras Moshe, Hill Greene and Matt Lavelle—-Ursel Schlicht (Germany)—-Torbjorn Zetterberg (Sweden) with Yoni Kretzmer–and others.

Workshops and Master Classes in university and non-academic settings in Colombia, Argentina, Germany, UC San Diego, Brooklyn…

NYC Artist Retreats for musicians from France, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, and across the US.

Contact: info@continuumculture.org

Executive Director/President, Andrew Drury