Artist Retreat

Continuum Artist Retreat Program

Continuum’s Artist Retreat program facilitates international cultural exchange by providing time and space for practice, rehearsal, recording, performance, lodging, and for shared meals and many casual yet significant interactions and collaborations with New York artists and other visitors. People come from all over the world to New York to access its uniquely vibrant cultural community but the expense can be prohibitive, especially for artists working in under-commercialized genres and anyone coming from poorer economies. The Continuum Artist Residency Program makes it possible for artists to have a rich experience in New York that would be otherwise impossible.


Artist Retreat Participants

Biliana Voutchkova (2016) violinist/improviser, Berlin, Germany

Milo Tamez (2016) percussionist/composer/improviser, San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

Pablo Diaz & Paula Shocron (2015, 2016) composers/improvisers, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jane Rigler (2015, 2016) flutist/composer/improviser/professor, Colorado State University, Colorado Springs

Paul Austerlitz (2015, 2016) bass clarinetist/professor, Gettysburg University, Gettysburg, PA

Johannes Bergmark (2015) amplified objects/improviser, Stockholm, Sweden

Tatsuya Nakatani (2015, 2008) percussionist/improviser from Easton, PA and elsewhere

Michel Doneda (2015, 2008) soprano/sopranino saxophonist, improviser, Toulouse, France

Royal Hartigan (2015) drummer/composer/professor, U Mass Dartmouth


Before Continuum’s incorporation

Jack Wright (numerous times since 2003) saxophonist, Easton, PA

Biggi Vinkeloe (2015) saxophonist/improviser, Goteborg, Sweden

Jill Burton (2014) vocalist/improviser, Gainesville, FL

Thomas Rohrer (2012) rebec/improviser, from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Katt Hernandez’ Schematics (2015) hosted musicians Daniel Karlsson, Ludwig Elblaus, Erik Calalv, Stockholm, Sweden

Leonel Kaplan (2008) trumpet, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Patrick Crossland (2014) trombonist/professor, U of Maryland Baltimore County, Columbia, MD

Julia & Jelena (2014) amplified typewriters/visual artists, Stockholm, Sweden

Katsura Yamauchi (2006), saxophone, Japan