Continuum’s Performance program produces the ongoing Soup & Sound House Concert Series and in December, 2017 presented DRUM/BRIDGE at Happylucky No. 1 and at two public schools in Brooklyn.

Continuum provides technical assistance for ensembles such as Content Provider, 1032K, Jason Mears’ 20 Ton Bridge, and Telepathic Television.

SOUP & SOUND House Concerts


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Thanks to our international network of artists, great sounding room, comfortable atmosphere, great soup, and Steinway L grand piano, SOUP & SOUND has become a prized destination sought out by musicians and listeners worldwide. SOUP & SOUND came under the auspices of Continuum in June, 2015 and will present its 100th house concert in 2018.

Performers have included greats–both well-known and obscure–such as Bruce Andrews, Jaap Blonck, Daniel Carter, Chris Cerrone, Audrey Chen, Jay Clayton, Gerald Cleaver, Chris Cochrane, Anthony Coleman, Tim Daisy, Kris Davis, Robert Dick, Michel Doneda, Mark Dresser, Isabelle Duthoit, Agusti Fernandez, Ken Filiano, Satoko Fujii, Vinny Golia, Elisabeth Harnik, Franz Hautzinger, Jason Kao Hwang, Jon Irabagon, Dana Jessen, Howard Johnson, Kyoko Kitamura, Ku-umba Frank Lacy, Dominic Lash, Ingrid Laubrock, Alexis Marcelo, Miya Masaoka, Joe McPhee, Ras Moshe, Tatsuya Nakatani, Larry Ochs, Andrea Parkins, J.D. Parran, Dan Peck, Mette Rasmussen, Tomeka Reid, Stephanie Richards, Donald Robinson, Warren Smith, Chris Speed, Steve Swell, Satoshi Takeishi, Wilfrido Terrazas,  Fay Victor, Biggi Vinkeloe, Andrea Wolper, Jack Wright, Torbjorn Zetterberg, Peter Zummo, and many more.

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