Continuum Culture & Arts places high-level, cutting edge artists in direct contact with students of all levels, abilities, and backgrounds. Continuum and our network of artists have extensive experience providing educational services across the US and internationally. 



Continuum offers several different workshops tailored to meet the specific needs of clients. Continuum affiliated artists have led thousands of workshops in the US and abroad.



We have presented Master Classes at universities and conservatories including UC San Diego, Rutgers, Virginia, U. of Central Oklahoma, the Tallinn Conservatory, and the University of the Andes and Javeriana University in Bogotá.



Continuum-affiliated artists offer lessons to all ages, levels, and instruments



Continuum-affiliated artists have led over 100 PD workshops across the US



DRUM/BRIDGE brings together a working ensemble of 2-10 acclaimed professional musicians with teens for a course of workshops in composing and playing original music that culminates in performances and recordings. Continuum’s DRUM/BRIDGE program puts forth a replicable model for sustainable artist support, community outreach, and new audience development.

DRUM/BRIDGE debuted in 2016 with three performances involving a 10 person all-star ensemble, students from PS 189, MS 821, and MS 136, and organizations including Haitian-Americans United for Progress, the Center for Family Life, Happylucky No. 1, and the Brooklyn Arts Council.

Featured artists included Jason Kao Hwang (violin), Melanie Dyer (viola), JD Parran (flute & clarinet), Briggan Krauss (alto saxophone), Ingrid Laubrock (tenor saxophone), Stephanie Richards (trumpet), Ku-umba Frank Lacy (trombone), Brandon Seabrook (guitar), Alexis Marcelo (keyboards), Ken Filiano (bass), Brandon Lopez (bass), and Andrew Drury (drum set).

For more information or inquiries about bringing DRUM/BRIDGE to your community email us at

DRUM/BRIDGE is made possible by public funds from the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, and from the Decentralization Program of the New York State Council on the Arts, both administered in Kings County by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC). 


TESTIMONIALS for Andrew Drury’s teaching

“Andrew’s teaching brilliantly mirrors percussion in itself. It is an alchemy of creativity and discipline that draws in students who are resistant to school and frees students who are overly rule bound. Andrew models a passion for learning, intellectual and creative rigor, and the connection to–and importance of–heroes and social justice in music and life. In Andrew’s classes students receive both a lesson in percussion and in learning in itself, which includes wonder, practice, connection, and soul.”  Wendy Cole, Director, Maple Street School, Brooklyn, NY

“He facilitated one of the most unusual, original and successful projects ever presented at the Imagination Station (Seattle Children’s Museum public drop in studio).”  Sarah Robertson,
 Program and Exhibit Coordinator, Seattle Children’s Museum

“Andrew presented a very engaging seminar to graduate students that encouraged an open, meaningful conversation on improvisation, extended technique, and philosophy of musical approach. The students were both engaged and encouraged to create their own individual voice – a critically important skill for artists today.”  Stephanie Richards, Assistant Professor, University of California San Diego

“His ease and joyful manner allow students of all abilities to trust him immediately, which creates an environment of curiosity and discovery that is fundamental to collaborative creativity. In a very short amount of time, he’s able to guide a roomful of students to cooperatively compose and improvise extremely complex and innovative music without them even realizing it because they are having so much fun. It’s a complete joy to watch him work.” Jane Rigler, Ph.D. Music, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

“As an organizer, musician, and pedagogue I appreciate highly Andrew Drury’s work and activity at the International Improvised Music Series IMPROTEST in Tallinn. His experiences as an improviser, composer, and educator are all from a very high level.” Mart Soo, Director IMPROTEST MTÜ, Guitar Teacher at Tallinn Georg Ots Music School and Estonian Music and Theatre Academy

“Most master classes teach us how to better play our instruments. Andrew’s master class challenges us to completely rethink what our instruments actually are. Moving through a number of approaches that he has created his music moves beyond extended technique to challenge the fundamental ontology of the instrument.” Chris Golinsky, Ph.D. Candidate, UC San Diego

“Within seconds he can bring a room in creative chaos to a group creating a powerful rhythm. Within minutes students learn the beauty of quiet in music. By the end of the first session each student understands the part he/she plays in making the music happen. Through the residency students develop self-confidence… Classroom teachers commented how unified their class felt after returning from a drumming session. They came to understand the community building power of drumming.” Tamera Rabura,
 Music Teacher, Suquamish Elementary School, Washington

“Andrew is gifted at bringing his creative work into the service of education and enrichment of others. Whether with at-risk youth in urban areas, Native American populations, or residents in a shelter for battered women (just to name a few I’ve witnessed in person or on recording) Andrew’s creativity, curiosity, and gentle playfulness lead to deep engagement and excitement while supporting his students in finding what they need.” David Knott, MT-BC Music Therapist-Board Certified, Fellow, Academy for Neurologic Music Therapy

“I am writing this note to share with you the genius that is Andrew Drury. Andrew, drummer extraordinaire, worked with the children in my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade multi-age class for two weeks. He did an exemplary job managing the class and delivering some very exciting curriculum to the students. (…) If your school has a chance at having this marvelous musician as a guest artist—go for it, you’ll be glad you did!” Stephen M. Brown, Teacher, Rocky Ridge Elementary, Graham, Washington

“All three schools gave Andrew the highest ratings on the four ‘rated’ questions: as an excellent creative role model, as having contributed to the students’ confidence in their creative abilities, as being professional, and working well with the staff and faculty. Additionally, Cherrydale Primary School wrote that ‘The students were taken farther than the staff thought was possible. It helped them enjoy music and life.’ And Gates High School said the residency offered their ‘dysfunctional’ students an environment of risk-taking and creativity. Andrew has become very popular with the schools in Washington state.” Linda Bellon-Fisher, Manager, Arts in Education Program, Washington State Arts Commission

“As we proceeded to create rhythms together, we became part of something larger than ourselves, finding a connection with each other… Andrew sparked curiosity and creativity in all of us, children and adults alike, and taught us to question preconceptions and think outside the box. Andrew is a tremendously gifted teacher who, through music, can teach lessons which can be applied to all areas of life.” Kyoko Kitamura, Musician, Parent, workshop participant, Brooklyn, NY

“From the basic skills of listening and developing rhythmic fluency when working with young children, to the complexity of composing and recording contemporary music that expresses personal feelings on culture, community, and our world when working with adults, Andrew is extraordinarily gifted in his abilities to see the potential in people and help nurture them to achievements that are exciting and profound. He takes people far beyond their sense of what is possible.” Beth Bashara, Director, Oneida Nation Arts Program

“I still cherish the drum lessons you gave me years ago, and still use the techniques you taught me. We miss you in Seattle!” Chris Brush, Musician/Studio Owner, former adult student

“Transforming ‘junk’ into musical instruments he taught students not only drumming but conducting, composing, and improvisation as well. The final performance was magical!” Teru Osato Lundsten, PTA Chair, Coe Elementary School, Seattle

“I’m not sure there is a more interesting and diverse renaissance-styled individual whose sensibility has as much to do with the street as it does the classic confines of jazz. Get his CD, get your kids to his workshops, and keep an eye out for his next appearance… He is a superb drummer and composer, but that is just the beginning.” Chris Lunn, Victory Review

“Andrew displayed enormous amounts of patience and grace with my students. His sense of humor, his ability to manage the individual and collective needs of the children, and his very original use of innovative problem solving and imagination impressed me, my colleagues, and the whole class. Part way into his residency I began taking photographs and recording video footage of him with the children. It was remarkable capturing the emotions of the children’s faces in response to Andrew’s teaching methods and their new found comfortability with drumming. There were even some sessions where, spontaneously, the children started to break dance and all the teachers in the room were drumming too. These drumming sessions would last a long time–10 to 20 minutes of straight drumming and dancing. The impact of Andrew’s facilitation on my children is immeasurable. I am very grateful to have worked with Andrew, and I recommend him to anyone who is interested in receiving a teacher who is equally passionate about teaching and music. Not all musicians have the patience and sensitivity to teach their craft. Andrew is a rare gem. Vanissa Chan, Special Ed. Teacher, PS 169, Brooklyn, NY