International Cultural Exchange

Music IS a universal language. Using the unique capacity of this language to communicate with people at deep levels, Continuum facilitates artistic collaboration, interpersonal connection, and a vital flow of ideas and good will that crosses international borders, expanding the possibilities for living for people both in the US and in other parts of the world.



In February, 2017 Continuum presented two weeks of performances, recordings, workshops, jam sessions, and all kinds of informal exchanges with musicians from the Ladistritofonica collective, the University of the Andes, Javeriana University, and popular-level educational programming. Bogotá musicians from this exchange have recorded and rehearsed in our Brooklyn base and have performed numerous times at Soup & Sound.

Pre-performance recording session at Auditorio Mauricio Lleras, University of the Andes. “Mange” Maria Angelica Valencia (bass clarinet), Ricardo Arias (electronics & balloon), Andrew Drury (percussion). (Photos by Max Drury)



The Continuum International Exchange Program has collaborated with  Creatividad En Movimiento, hosting Buenos Aires artists at our Artist Retreat in Brooklyn in 2015, 2016, and 2017. CEM hosted Continuum’s Andrew Drury for twenty days in the Fall of 2017 presenting 10 performances in Buenos Aires and Rosario, two studio recordings, workshops, sessions, and informal gatherings.


Recordings bringing together Argentinian and New York musicians were recorded at Soup & Sound and made possible by the Continuum Artist Residency program and released commercially on the Nendo Dango label in 2017.



This is an ongoing exchange with Kassel-based pianist/composer Ursel Schlicht and her Sonic Exchange project, and others. Schlicht has performed at Soup & Sound several times and in 2016 did a recording there. In July 2017 Continuum presented workshops with Kurdish refugees from Syria and Turkey, and supported concerts with artists from Germany, Ireland, Canada, France, Luxembourg, and the US.



TBA 2018


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